Welcome to BetStudio

We are a team of programmers and specialists in machine learning and data analysis with years of experience, professionals in the field of software development. We, like you, are passionate about sports betting.

Our technologies combine the experience of gambling at bookmakers and knowledge of sports with the latest scientific achievements in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning such as neural networks, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms. We thoroughly test our prediction making algorithms using the methods of mathematical statistics.

We use our own predictions to bet real money at professional bookmakers, and publicly show the results of our game (the story of real bets from November 1, 2015 is available here). Stakes are published simultaneously with the beginning of the game, before the results are known.

From very beginning, our goal was not only to make money on sports gambling, but to build a product that can help anyone make money. Our service helps you make profitable investments and enjoy the games at the same time.