Simultaneously receive a guaranteed win is impossible, and the promise of the opposite – deliberate deception. Our service offers the only possible profitable way to sports gambling - gaining an edge over the bookie in long term. This approach is widely known in the world as value betting and its components are valuable tips, high turnover and financial discipline. Thus having a lot of stakes with proper risking amount will lead you to a profit.

Why our tips are profitable

A thorough statistical analysis of our predictions allows to draw conclusions about a guaranteed positive result. You can see this is not only based on the history of betting on our website, but also to see the results of our work on one of the largest portals of the market of sports tips portal

Why you need thousands of tips

Our technology and algorithms allow us to analyze the matches from hundreds of leagues and generate thousands of tips per week. This gives you the opportunity to bet on each event only a small part of the Bank, which minimizes the risk of losing a significant amount. Achieving such a result is simply impossible with manual analysis.

To gain access to all of the forecasts you'll need a paid subscription. However you can get access to some of our tips and try our service right now for free.

Why proper stake amount calculation is so important

Even with a long-term edge over the bookmaker, you have a significant chance of going broke if you have chosen the wrong bet size. So, along with profitable event for bet, we recommend a stake amount according to your current bank. You can define your bank size at the profile settings as well as your own risk tolerance. But remember, even if you have access to profitable tips – a sport gambling is a high-risk investment.

How else you can increase the win probability

For early achievement of positive result it is necessary to have accounts in several bookmakers, since it is very important to choose the best available on the market of betting odds for profitable gambling.

At profile settings section you can choose those bookies where you have the opportunity to bet and our service will produce tips for you personally according to your settings. The more bookmakers you have, the more tips you will get - the more profit you can earn.

Please take into consideration, that sometimes in the future some of bookmakers will restrict your account - this is a good sign of sustainable profit of your game.

Your stakes history analysis

By subscribing to our service, you will be able in one click to note your bet. This will let you to follow your game's result and analyze your strategy.